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Video: International Crisis Group director speaks on conflict in Libya

Issandr El Amrani, North Africa project director at the International Crisis Group, talks to Middle East Eye about the UN-brokered peace talks in Libya, the likely direction of the divided nation and the continuing conflict over the country’s territory and resources.

Tripoli-based PM rejects Islamist label

Khalifa al-Ghwell, the prime minister of the Libyan Tripoli-based National Salvation Government, noted that [his government] is a government for all Libyans, whether they were in the west, east or south of the country, and that it offers its services, as much as it can, to all of them equally, …

Tripoli Premier Ghwell follows Beida, opts for slimmed down government: report

Khalifa Ghwell, appointed by the continuing General National Congress in Tripoli at the end of March as its prime minister when it sacked Omar Hassi, is planning to introduce a reduced-size cabinet like that of the government in Beida, according to a top official in Tripoli.

Dignity rejects UNSMIL invitation to dialogue, calls on Leon to tell UN to lift embargo

Operation Dignity has rejected an invitation from UN Special Envoy Bernardino Leon to join in the military platform of the Dialogue process. It says it is part of the regular army, not a militia, and that it takes its instructions only from the General Staff and the had of the …