Sunday , 26 January 2020
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Powerful brigades in western Libya reject Paris conference, say no to military rule

The most powerful brigades in western Libya rejected on Sunday Paris conference scheduled for May 29, saying “the French initiative does not represent us.”

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Italy’s ambassador: Constitution should precede elections to save Libya

The Italian ambassador to Libya, Giuseppe Perrone, tweeted Sunday that chaotic and too many initiatives in Libyan could lead to more death boats, referring to growing illegal immigration crisis via the Libyan coast into Italy.

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Libya’s Misurata says no to attending upcoming Paris conference

A reliable source told Libyan Express on Saturday that the delegation of Misurata city has rejected attending the upcoming international conference on May 29 in Pairs that France said would aim to break Libyan political stalemate. 

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Libyan army engages in violent fight with Islamist militants in Derna

Forces affiliated with Libyan commander Khalifa Haftar engaged in violent clashes with Islamic fighters around the city of Derna in eastern Libya on Tuesday. Moreover, two soldiers were killed in a car bomb and another soldier was kidnapped at a checkpoint in the region.

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France to hold meeting for Libyan political parties to push for 2018 elections

France said it is going to hold an international meeting in Paris with Libyan political leaders to push for an agreement on holding UN-backed elections this year, according to three diplomats aware of the initiative reported by Reuters.

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HCS members from Derna call for Red Cross to intervene as humanitarian crisis grows in Derna

Members of the High Council of State representing the city of Derna Mansour Al-Hassadi and Hassan Esteitah urged the envoy of the Red Cross in Libya to intervene and help to alleviate the suffering of the residents of the besieged city.

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