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HoR meets in closed session: Forms committee to communicate with HNEC– committee to report by next session

The House of Representatives (HoR) reported that it had held an official session in Tobruk today, which it had called for yesterday. The HoR did not reveal how many members had attended, but photos and videos show about 30-40 members in the session.

Questions of credibility raised at UN over Libya election

Questions were raised Wednesday at the United Nations about the credibility of presidential elections due to be held in Libya on December 24, with the UN head insisting that he did not want the crucial vote to become “part of the problem.”

Why Libya’s upcoming election raises more questions than answers

Ten years after the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi, Libya remains a fragmented country with a conflict between eastern and western regions involving a vast number of militias and foreign fighters.

Why is Libya’s presidential race so overcrowded?

It has been announced that 98 individuals, including two women, submitted their applications to contest Libya’s 24 December presidential election. The list included a militia-linked suspect, Libya’s top comedian, former and current parliamentary speakers and prime ministers, a former senior official from the Gaddafi era, a couple of businessmen and, …

The promise and pitfalls of Libya’s high-stakes elections

At the Paris conference for Libya on 12 November, participating leaders gave a final push for a plan to hold elections in December, reinstating their backing for the long-awaited presidential and legislative polls, a key step in the UN-backed peace process to end 10 years of violent chaos since an …