Friday , 10 July 2020
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Landmark ruling could have big implications for Libya’s leaders

During the Moammar Gadhafi era in Libya, the regime was intolerable of any opposition, political parties were illegal and free press did not exist. Many Libyans who opposed the regime left the country and lived abroad. Many settled in the United States and Europe, mostly as political refugees. As the …

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HoR and State Council dialogue committees agree on 3-person Presidency Council and separate prime minister

The dialogue committees of the House of Representatives (HoR) and the State Council (SC), meeting in Tunis to work out amendments to the Libyan Political Agreement have agreed to reduce the Presidency Council (PC) from nine to three and that the prime minister should be a separate appointment.

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EU extends sanctions on three Libyan figures hindering Libyan Political Agreement

On 1 April 2016, the Council imposed restrictive measures against Libya on three persons: Agila Saleh, president of the Libyan Council of Deputies in the House of Representatives; Khalifa Ghweil,… prime minister and defence minister of the internationally unrecognised General National Congress; and Nuri Abu Sahmain, president of the internationally …

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HoR and State Council dialogue committees start work to amend Skhirat agreement

The dialogue committees of the House of Representatives and the State Council started their discussions today to amend the Libyan Political Agreement so that it is acceptable to both bodies and can be approved by the HoR. They met in formal session in a Tunis hotel under the auspices of …

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UN envoy says Gaddafi’s son can stand as election candidate

The UN envoy to Libya, Ghassan Salame, has said that Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi, the son of the late dictator, could stand as a candidate in the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections in the North African state. Salame told France 24 on Friday that supporters and loyalists of the former regime …

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State of emergency in Tripoli ahead of banned pro-Igtit rally

There is rising tension in Tripoli tonight as the Presidency Council (PC) declared a state of emergency and banned a planned Martyrs’ Square rally tomorrow in support of entrepreneur and would-be presidential candidate Baset Igtet.

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