Tuesday , 3 August 2021
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Secret meeting gives Haftar time to end war in Benghazi

The Arabic Huffington Post Website published a report, translated by LIBYAPROSPECT, stating their attainment, through reliable sources, of informational, revealing a secret meeting between Egyptian and Libyan officials in the presence of delegates from the UAE on July 26th and 27th. Mainly to discuss the Presidential Council’s (PC) ability along …

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PC condemns Ajdabiya attack, HoR declares military zone from Tobruk to Ben Jawed

Responding to yesterday’s attack on the industrial zone in Ajdabiya by militants from the “Benghazi Defence Brigades”, the Presidency Council in Tripoli has condemned it while the House of Representatives (HoR) in Tobruk has declared a state of emergency, putting the entire area from Tobruk to Ben Jawad under military …

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More heavy clashes with militants in Benghazi as Hafter and Thinni government try to neutralise GNA supporters

The sound of heavy explosions in Ganfudah and Sabri districts could be heard across Benghazi this morning as fighting continued with militants still operating on the areas. So far on Saturday, there have been no air strikes, unlike yesterday, Friday, when LNA MiGs bombed targets in Gwarsha and the Nowruz …

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In depth: oil guards seize IS-held territory, join unity government coalition

Libyan oil guards have seized the villages of Bin Jawad and Nofliya, fighting back Islamic State militants who had been present in the area for over a year. Monday morning clashes erupted as the Petroleum Facilities Guard’s Central Libyan division launched a surprise attack on IS positions in the area …

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Hopes raised for end of Libya conflict as smaller unity government announced

Libya’s presidency council announced a new smaller unity government on Monday that the international community hopes will bring the war-torn country one step closer to ending an 18-month conflict.

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