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PC head orders arrest of sleeper cells in Tripoli

Chairman of the Presidential Council (PC), Fayez Al-Sarraj, in his capacity as the Supreme Commander of the Libyan Army, gave his orders to the Ministry of Interior to raid and arrest any sleeper cells loyal to warlord Khalifa Haftar in Tripoli and bring them to justice.

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Tripoli Protection Force to unite military zones from Libya’s Ras Ajdair to Sirte

The Tripoli Protection Force (TPF) said the central and western military zones had agreed to form a force under a unified command to be positioned in the area from Ras Ajdair on border with Tunisia to Sirte.

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Interior Ministry calls for increased attention to address smuggling of antiquities

Minister of Interior, Fathi Pashagha has emphasized the need to pay attention to and protect all tourist and archaeological sites inside and outside the capital Tripoli, in an aim to stop the smuggling of antiquities, which represents a threat to the national security of the country.

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A Minister, a General, and the Militias: Libya’s Shifting Balance of Power

A sleepy town of smalltime farmers and traders, Sabratha sits on the Mediterranean seaboard just west of the capital Tripoli. It is most famous for its Roman ruins—a colonnaded city and a restored amphitheater that, under the late ruler Muammar Qaddafi, hosted floodlit performances of Puccini’s operas for busloads of …

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MoI establishes Elections Security and Protection Department

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) aligned with the Faiez Serraj-led Presidency Council and Government of National Accord announced last Sunday that it has recently established an Elections Security and Protection Department, part of its General Directorate of Operations.

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European Union Ambassadors joint statement after Tripoli visit

Ambassadors of the European Union and the Member States accredited to Libya held joint meetings today in Tripoli with a number of high Libyan officials including Chairman of the Presidency Council Faiez Serraj, President of the High Council of State Khaled Meshri, Minister of Foreign Affairs Mohammed Siala, and Minister …

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