Tuesday , 5 December 2023
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The War Against Human Traffickers in Libya

Alarming reports from international organizations are having little effect on the deterioration of living conditions for over 700,000 migrants in Libya. While many hope to reach the European Union, crossing the Mediterranean is deadly: nearly 2,000 have died or disappeared at sea since the beginning of the year.

Russian ambassador warns of spread of firearms from Ukraine to Africa through Libya

The Russian Ambassador to Libya, Aydar Aganin, said in an interview with TASS on Monday that “there is a risk of delivering weapons to Ukraine, saying those weapons are spreading across Africa, with Libya being such a transit corridor during the period of anarchy and chaos in the country”.

Libyan AG Office has custody of wanted militia leader from Al-Zawiya

The Libyan Attorney General’s (AG) Office has issued a statement announcing the arrival in custody of the arrested militia leader, Andelraouf Al-Kabo, to the Tripoli headquarters after he was detained by security units in Zuwara, hailing the efforts of the transfer of the wanted criminal by the security apparatuses in …