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Interview with Mohamed El-Ghirani, Foreign Minister of the “Government of the National Salvation”

Mohamed El-Ghirani is the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the “Government of the National Salvation” appointed by the rump GNC. A teacher of Islamic studies, he was Libyan Ambassador in Jordan until this summer. He explains his views on Libyan issues. In an interview that took place 4 November in Tripoli …

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Algerian government in talks with Libyan political factions for peace summit

Tobruk, Tunis and Algiers, Asharq Al-Awsat—Algerian officials are continuing to meet with different political factions in Libya in preparation for a “comprehensive reconciliation dialogue” expected to be hosted later this month in the Algerian capital in order to solve the crisis that is currently tearing the North African country apart.

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Libya parliament to mediate between feuding Ubari tribes

Libyan Parliament Speaker Aguilah Saleh said an ongoing visit by a number of lawmakers to the southwestern town of Ubari was aimed at ending weeks of deadly fighting between two feuding tribes, stressing that parliament would not stand idly by as tribal conflicts continued.

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