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The Tebu: the little-known community at the heart of Libya’s people smuggling trade

If you’re a migrant who has made your way into Libya, chances are you’ve met a Tebu. Nearly all the smugglers plying the busiest migration route from Agadez in Niger to the outskirts of the Libyan people smuggling hub of Sebha belong to this indigenous Saharan ethnic group, which since …

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At Libya’s unchecked southern borders, a key to easing the migration crisis

As the EU sets new policies and makes deals with African nations to deter hundreds of thousands of migrants from seeking new lives on the continent, what does it mean for those following dreams northwards and the countries they transit through? From returnees in Sierra Leone and refugees resettled in …

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UN-brokered ceasefire may be a turning point for violent Tripoli

Over the past week, the dominant position of armed groups in Tripoli has been broken. According to the Libyan ministry of health, 47 were killed and 129 injured during clashes, shaking the balance of power that has prevailed since the spring of 2016, and creating a domino effect with highly …

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