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Flawed Diplomacy in Libya

Since 2014, many actors have tried to mediate a negotiated solution to the Libyan crisis but have failed. The nexus of this conflict is the split between eastern and western Libya, which was set in motion by the events of May 2014 when General Khalifa Haftar appointed himself the leader …

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Leaked letter: Al-Sirraj abandoned his forces; Haftar armed mercenaries to kill Libyans

Libyan Defense Minister, Mihdi Al-Barghathi, has urged the deputy head of the Presidential Council Fathi Al-Mijibri to announce the outcome of the investigations into Brak Al-Shaati incident, which found him not guilty of any responsibility – he said.

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Libyan militias continue to benefit from external weapons support: UN Libya Experts Panel report

Armed groups within Libya continue to benefit from external support including the provision of materiel, targeted airstrikes at night and sophisticated munitions, the UN Libya Experts Panel report states in its section on the implementation of the arms embargo.

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Situation of human rights in Libya continues to deteriorate: UN Libya Experts Panel report

In the section on violations of human rights and international humanitarian law, the UN Libya Experts Forum report said that ‘‘The situation of human rights in Libya continues to deteriorate, highlighted by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights at the end of his visit to Libya on 12 October …

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Libyan activist: UAE pressured Saudi Arabia into handing revolutionists performing pilgrimage over to Haftar

A leader of Zawiya rebels in the west of Libyan capital Tripoli, Hussein Zaait, accused the Saudi authorities of being involved in mediation to hand over the Libyan rebels to the leader of Operation Dignity Battle under pressure from the UAE and stressed that they had no previous problem with …

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