Friday , 1 December 2023
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Western Military Zone: Clashes in the south aim to impose fait accompli

The Western Military Zone of the Presidential Council said that the hostile acts that took place in the past days in the area of Ghadwa -southeast of Sabha- including the bombing of Murzuk and the interference of armed groups of Sudanese opposition groups in the hostilities, clearly shows that the …

Death toll of Tripoli’s recent clashes approaches 30, Aid and Emergency Service confirms

Spokesman for the Aid and Emergency Service Osama Ali confirmed the receipt of names of the dead, who have been kept in Tarhouna’s Hospital, after receiving the official list of fatalities in Tripoli, in preparation for the exchange of bodies between Tripoli Protection Force and the Seventh Brigade of Tarhouna.

ICC starts probe into violations at Tripoli-based Mitiga prison

The Libyan Human Rights Solidarity organization said Tuesday on Facebook that the International Criminal Court (ICC) had opened an investigation into human rights violations at Mitiga prison that is run by Special Deterrence Force (SDF) in Tripoli.