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Can Plan B Save Libya? Here Are the Obstacles it Must Overcome

There is no denying that Libya is in a far worse state than at any time since the 2011 revolution. In a country of vast oil and gas wealth, basic services are frequently interrupted as armed gangs control the capital in the west. In the east, once feared leaders like …

UN: Libya’s instability is breeding ground for foreign militant groups

The UN envoy for Libya said the country has lurched from one emergency to another in recent weeks and warned that the Islamic State group is expanding its operations, noting Libya could become a refuge for terrorist groups of all persuasions.

UN-brokered ceasefire may be a turning point for violent Tripoli

Over the past week, the dominant position of armed groups in Tripoli has been broken. According to the Libyan ministry of health, 47 were killed and 129 injured during clashes, shaking the balance of power that has prevailed since the spring of 2016, and creating a domino effect with highly …

Salame: Violators of Tripoli ceasefire agreement must be held accountable

UN envoy to Libya Ghassan Salame said Wednesday that the UN and international community are watching the ongoing incidents in Tripoli following yesterday’s UN-brokered ceasefire agreement that was reached between the warring groups to restore order in the capital, warning that the violators of the truce shall be held accountable.