Monday , 15 August 2022
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PC wins shaky Tripoli ceasefire while Ghwell reported injured in Rixos attack

The Presidency Council has tonight brokered a fragile ceasefire in Tripoli while claims emerge that National Salvation Government leader Khalifa Ghwell was injured in the fighting that ousted him from his Rixos complex HQ. Sources say he has been taken to Misrata for treatment.

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War drums heard in Libyan capital as rival governments mobilise their fighters

The clashes in Tripoli have continued and grew rougher on Wednesday morning. According to different sources, the forces and fighters of the rival government “National Salvation Government” (NSG) which are positioned in Qusoor Al-Siyafa (Guest Palaces) in downtown Tripoli clashed in the first hours of Wednesday with the armed groups …

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BDB forces control region from Nofaliya to Bashir, commander says

Benghazi Defense Brigades (BDB) forces imposed their control over the region from Nofaliya, 127 km east of Sirte, to Bashir town, 90 west of Ajdabiya, BDB commander Brig. Mustafa Al-Shirksi declared on Monday.

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Libyan group is ready to fight anyone stealing the country’s oil

The Joint Libya Revolutionaries Operations Chamber has announced that it will fight against anyone attempting to steal oil and other resources from the country, reported on Sunday.

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LNA counter-attacks appear to fail while further retreats reported

There have been reports of confusion and panic among LNA commanders when Benghazi Defence Brigades fighters attacked Sidra and Ras Lanuf on Friday. There is also likely to have been considerable anger among LNA top brass that an assault, so long anticipated, should have succeeded with such apparent ease.

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