Thursday , 4 June 2020
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PC condemns Ajdabiya attack, HoR declares military zone from Tobruk to Ben Jawed

Responding to yesterday’s attack on the industrial zone in Ajdabiya by militants from the “Benghazi Defence Brigades”, the Presidency Council in Tripoli has condemned it while the House of Representatives (HoR) in Tobruk has declared a state of emergency, putting the entire area from Tobruk to Ben Jawad under military …

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Under siege in central Sirte IS strikes back with suicide attacks

Forces loyal to Libya’s Unity government said they have consolidated a siege around Islamic State fighters in Sirte, in preparation for the “final battle” to take the jihadi stronghold. Pushed back into a 15 to 20 square km area in central Sirte, the Islamic State Group is meanwhile scaling up …

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In depth: oil guards seize IS-held territory, join unity government coalition

Libyan oil guards have seized the villages of Bin Jawad and Nofliya, fighting back Islamic State militants who had been present in the area for over a year. Monday morning clashes erupted as the Petroleum Facilities Guard’s Central Libyan division launched a surprise attack on IS positions in the area …

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Libya unity government makes anti-IS advances as French pen $500m oil deal

Fighters allied with Libya’s UN-backed unity government have captured a coastal town from the Islamic State (IS) group in an advance towards its bastion Sirte, a spokesman said on Tuesday. The Petroleum Facilities Guard overran Bin Jawad, some 150km east from Sirte, as they thrust westwards along the Mediterranean coast from …

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Cash-strapped IS sells chickens and eggs to raise funds in Libya

Libya’s economic crisis is hitting the Islamic State (IS) group, forcing fighters to sell chickens and eggs in the streets, and reintroduce withdrawn Gaddafi-era banknotes to shore up their finances. According to former residents from the IS stronghold of Sirte, militants have implemented rental and taxation systems, with a side-line in poultry.

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Analysis: Ajdabiya, the latest battleground of Libya’s civil war

While the Islamic State Group grabbed headlines last week when it attempted to seize two of Libya’s most important oil terminals, nearby a town is sliding into violence without having raised much attention so far. Ajdabiya is divided along political, tribal and ideological lines and residents fear that the war …

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