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Libyan PM: Some security apparatuses are part of fuel smuggling operations

The Libyan Prime Minister, Abdul Hamid Dbeibah, said fuel smugglers all across Libya are known by names, adding that they are not operating as individuals but are partnering with owners of gas stations as well as some security apparatuses that are responsible for protecting fuel as it gets transferred from …

Libya: Tripoli-based PM and Presidential Council chief meet to discuss unification of military

The head of Libya’s Presidential Council, Mohamed Menfi, and Prime Minister, Abdul Hamid Dbeibeh, discussed the unification of the country’s military establishment during a meeting held with several security officials in Tripoli yesterday, according to an official statement issued by the Presidential Council.

Interior Minister Mazen sacked after Tripoli militia clashes – tense ceasefire achieved

After widespread and serious militia clashes in Tripoli overnight Friday, which went on until Friday afternoon, caretaker Prime Minister Abd Alhamid Aldabaiba yesterday sacked his Interior Minister Khaled Mazen. Bader Aldeen Al-Tumi, the Minister for Local Government has been appointed as Acting Interior Minister.

Changing the NOC board was not a political deal with external states but an internal agreement: Aldabaiba

Speaking yesterday at the first meeting of the new National Oil Corporation (NOC) board of directors headed by Farhat Bengdara at the NOC’s Tripoli headquarters, incumbent caretaker Prime Minister Abd Alhamid Aldabaiba said changing the board was not a political deal with external states.