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After Prigozhin’s death, can Wagner survive in MENA?

In Libya, the Wagner Group has 2,000 PMCs that guard major oil ports and help Libya National Army (LNA) chieftain Khalifa Haftar preserve his hegemony over the country’s east. Much like in Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry will seek to place these Wagner forces under its umbrella.

Menfi calls on Russia to commit to withdrawing foreign forces from Libya

The head of the Presidential Council, Muhammad Menfi, expressed Libya’s desire to see Moscow, African leaders, and all stakeholders work towards ending the presence of mercenaries and foreign forces on its territory, without restriction or condition, and as soon as possible.

Has Wagner’s mutiny weakened Russia in the Middle East?

Yevgeny Prigozhin’s attempted insurrection against the Russian Ministry of Defence (MOD) last month created massive confusion. The rebellion raised many questions about what might come next for the war in Ukraine and the future of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s rule.

Libya factions reassess Wagner’s operations in light of mutiny in Russia

Recent developments in Russia, and Wagner’s open mutiny against the Kremlin have sparked considerable speculation regarding the potential impact on Wagner’s operations in Libya, a war zone it has heavily invested in in the last decade.