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Did the Berlin Conference on Libya reassure or concern Turkey?

Turkey’s recent agreements with the Government of National Accord in Libya over maritime borders and the deployment of troops to the North African country, as well as its co-sponsorship with Russia of a ceasefire proposal, have revealed it to be a major player in the Libyan issue.

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EU: Possible formation of European mission to monitor armistice in Libya

European Union high representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Joseph Burrell, revealed that he does not exclude the possibility of forming a European military mission to implement the task of monitoring the ceasefire in Libya.

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How to Stop Libya’s Collapse

More robust U.S. diplomacy is urgently needed in Libya, not just to halt Haftar’s destructive campaign but to salvage U.S. credibility in a region marked by multipolarity and increasing defiance of the West.

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