Wednesday , 12 May 2021
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HoR and GNC could be breaking up Kobler tells UN Security Council

The House of Representatives and the General National Congress are in danger of breaking up, new UNSMIL chief Martin Kobler has told the UN Security Council.

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UN process only way forward for Libya peace deal: US, EU

Ambassadors to Libya from several EU countries and the US warned on Tuesday against attempts to derail a UN-brokered peace deal, insisting it is the only way forward.

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In depth: Europe fears Islamic State expansion in Sirte

France warned of the increasing risk of Libya becoming a haven for Islamic State combatants on Saturday, after French military aircraft flew reconnaissance missions over Sirte where IS fighters are moving east on the oil crescent.

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IS strengthens its grip in war-torn Libya

With the world’s attention is focused on the Islamic State group’s strongholds in Syria and Iraq, the organisation has strengthened its grip in Libya.

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What the new UN envoy to Libya should do first

Martin Kobler has taken on the role of the UN secretary-general’s special representative in Libya, and he faces a daunting task: overcoming his predecessor’s betrayal of the country’s trust. 

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Is NATO readying force for Libya despite intervention denials?

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, as well as the American and British permanent representatives to the alliance, are underscoring growing concern about ISIS domination of ungoverned territory along the Libyan coast, mostly in Sirte.

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