Tuesday , 22 June 2021
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Rival Libyan parliament outraged by suggested foreign military support

Having been promised substantial support by fellow Arab countries to fight the Islamic State Group, the official Libyan government faces bitter accusations of treason by its political rival back home. The Arab League endorsed foreign military assistance to the Libyan army, angering the Libyan opposition, in whose view the army …

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Arab League calls on Libyans to support UN Dialogue, approves help from individual Arab states in fight against IS

At an emergency meeting in Cairo today, the Arab League authorised Arab states to provide support to government in Beida in the fight against terrorism. It said they could so individually or collectively, and that they could provide whatever assistance was deemed necessary.

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Fresh military intervention in Libya a complicated task for Western nations

Is the West ready for another military intervention in Libya, four years after Operation Unified Protector that lead to the overthrow of the Gaddhafi regime? According to The Times, “hundreds of British troops are being lined up to go to Libya” as part of an international mission that would comprise …

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The pursuit of human rights in war-torn Libya

Libya, riddled with abandoned weapons dumps from the Gaddafi era, is in the throes of a protracted civil war. The oil-rich country is coming apart at the seams due to conflict which pits the internationally-recognised Council of Deputies against the Tripoli-based rival Islamist government of the General National Congress (GNC).

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Geroushi denies opposition to UN Dialogue

The head of the Libya air force, Major-General Saqr Adam Geroushi, has denied claims that he is opposed to the UN-brokered Dialogue or the Draft peace plan endorsed earlier this month by most of the Dialogue delegates apart from those representing the Continuing General National Congress in Tripoli.

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