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EU continues training Libyan partners despite migrant abuses

A confidential European Union military report calls for continuing a controversial EU program to train and equip Libya’s coast guard and navy despite growing concerns about their treatment of migrants, a mounting death toll at sea, and the continued lack of any central authority in the North African nation.

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Attorney General in bid to end Belgian legal moves to seize LIA assets

It is reported that Libya’s Attorney General, Sideeg Al-Sour, plans to visit a number of European capitals, ending in Brussels, in an attempt to resolve the increasingly barbed and potentially dangerous row with Belgium and possibly other EU states over attempts by a company linked to Prince Laurent of Belgium, …

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Turkey’s ambassador reviews with Libyan HoR Speaker opening consulate in Benghazi

The Turkish ambassador to Libya, Kenan Yilmaz, said he had discussed with the Speaker of the House of Representatives (HoR) Aqila Saleh reopening Ankara’s consulate in Benghazi and resuming Turkish airlines’ flights to east Libya as well as the return of Turkish firms to resume their suspended projects.

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US AFRICOM supports diplomatic efforts to hold Libya elections

United States (US) Africa Command (AFRICOM) spokeswoman has told Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper that AFRICOM is currently in support of the diplomatic efforts led by US ambassador Richard Norland, adding that the US supports full implementation of the ceasefire agreement, including the withdrawal of all foreign forces and fighters in accordance …

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