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Libyan FM opposed to EU’s ‘disembarkation platforms’

Libya and its north African neighbours are opposed to the EU’s plan for “regional disembarkation platforms” to stem the flow of migrants entering the bloc, Tripoli’s Foreign Minister Mohamed al-Taher Siala said in an Austrian newspaper interview Friday.

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Can Libya’s tribes help solve crisis?

In September, Libya’s capital Tripoli was the scene of violent clashes between rival militias that killed 96 people and injured 306 others. The clashes pitted forces from the 7th Brigade against a coalition of armed brigades in Tripoli, which include the Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade and the Deterrent and Intervention Joint Force of …

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Interior Ministry starts organizing foreign workforce status in Libya

The Presidential Council’s Interior Ministry has started organizing the status of foreign workers in Libya, including their entry and residence in the country as per the laws, calling on the foreign nationals to visit the nearest passports and citizenship office for registration and filling out forms for the matter.

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Libyan army reunification talks resume in Cairo

The spokesperson of the General Command of the Khalifa Hafter-led Libyan National Army (LNA), Brigadier General Ahmed Mesmari, said that meetings on the reunification of the Libyan military forces into one regular, politically accountable army resumed in Cairo on Wednesday.

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Libya’s ambassador to UN demands Security Council halt UK’s intention to use frozen assets for IRA victims

Any attempt by the British government to use frozen Libyan assets in England to compensate IRA victims of weapons and explosives smuggled into Northern Ireland from Libya would be in breach of United Nations resolutions, a senior Libyan diplomat has insisted.

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Violence, militias and corruption: Surviving in Libya’s war

“The daily life of Libyans is just a matter of survival,” says Abdullah. He speaks with a tense voice, as if the fear of being heard never leaves him in the few minutes that the internet connection allows us to talk at the phone.

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