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Haftar’s son hires US lobbying firm to strengthen his family image in Washington for possible Libya rule

The former political adviser to Khalifa Haftar, Mohamed Buisier, said Khalid Haftar (the son of Khalifa Hafter) paid $120.000 for a six-month contract with US-based Grassroots Political Consulting LLC to advocate for his family at the US Congress.

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Serraj sacks Misrata commander over Egyptian threats

Faiez Serraj, the head of the Presidency Council, has dismissed Brigadier Mohamed Gnaidi from the Military Intelligence Directorate and the Libyan army. He was suspended last week after threatening to attack targets in Egypt, the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Made on Sadek Al-Ghariani’s Tanasuh TV after last Monday’s air raids on Derna, …

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Former Dignity Operation commander attacks Khalifa Haftar and threatens to expose his crimes

The former commander in the ranks of Khalifa Haftar`s Dignity Operation and its former spokesman, Mohammed Hijazi, made a televised attack on rogue General Khalifa Haftar on Saturday, accusing him of being the main cause of the crises that is crippling the country, especially in the eastern region.

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Al-Hassadi: To defeat terrorism we should deal with its roots

The member of the State Council in Libya, Mansour Al-Hassadi, talks to “LIBYAPROSPECT” about his point of view on the latest unknown air raids that bombarded the city of Derna on 30th of last month.

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Arab intervention in Libya sparks outrage

Senior commander in Al-Bonyan Al-Marsoon Operation, Brigadier General Mohammed Ganaidi, has called on the UN Secretary General, António Guterres, to intervene and stop the intervention of three Arab countries in Libya’s internal affairs.

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