Tuesday , 27 July 2021
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Washington Should Demand Accountability from Libya’s Beleaguered Parliament

With seven months left in its mandate, Libya’s House of Representatives (House) in Tobruk has sent a high-level delegation to Washington this week. Critics of the House continue to demand greater accountability from Libya’s parliament amid mounting concerns of incompetence and corruption as Libya faces a growing threat from the …

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Libya, a priority for Tunisian foreign policy?

The Bardo attack indicates that Tunisia will not be able to remain immune to Libya’s ongoing conflict where two rival governments fight for power and the Islamic State is gaining ground. This neighbouring country continues to be a delicate issue for the Tunisian government.

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HoR delegation in Washington to lobby for US support

As Prime Minister Abdullah Al-Thinni heads to Moscow to rebuild relations with Russia, a delegation of leading members of the House of Representatives (HoR) has flown to Washington for talks with members of the US Congress and Obama administration. The team consists of heads and members of a number of …

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