Friday , 25 June 2021
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Beheadings and suicide bombings: The new rage in Libya

How many more beheadings have to take place in Benghazi and Derna before U.N. representatives or Western statesmen stop talking about the need for all parties in the Libyan civil war to sit down and negotiate away their differences? Those same statesmen and representatives should instead put their own heads …

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Sudan says Libyan peace initiative well received: conference in Khartoum on 1 December

The Sudanese government says it is pleased with the progress of its initiative to lay the groundwork for an inclusive Libyan dialogue and that a conference which will include all Libya’s neighbours will be held in Khartoum on 1 December.

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Egyptian and UAE embassies in Tripoli car-bombed

The Egyptian and UAE embassies in Tripoli have been damaged in bomb attacks very early this morning. Car bombs exploded at much the same time outside the walls of the Egyptian embassy on the Corniche, a stone’s throw from the Italian embassy and the Waddan Hotel, and outside the UAE’s …

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