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650 عاملاً تركيًّا يغادرون سرت بعد إنذار حفتر

قال مدير موقع مشروع تنفيد محطة الخليج البخارية في سرت لإنتاج الطاقة الكهربائية (1400 ميغاوات) المهندس أبوبكر مخيون: «إن الأتراك العاملين بشركة (جاما) التركية العالمية، وعددهم 650 تركيًّا من مهندسين وفنيين وعمال غادروا أمس نهائيًّا مدينة سرت إلى بلادهم (تركيا) عبر مطاري مصراتة وطرابلس الدوليين بناءً على تعليمات السفارة التركية …

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A Western Strategy for Libya

Libya has disappeared from Western headlines, even though the situation on the ground is going from bad to worse. How long can the West afford to ignore this disaster? The United States and Europe had a decisive role in overthrowing the Gaddafi regime and are now morally obliged to support …

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Forgotten War: Libya could become terrorist staging post

Libya’s on the way to becoming a terrorist outpost for possible future attacks on Europe. The prospect has been raised by Libya’s former Prime Minister who came to power following the overthrow of the Gaddafi regime. He recently fled the country, where rival militias run rampant, and are in de-facto …

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Libya: Border Security and Regional Cooperation

This rapid literature review examines security related developments that determine Libya’s relationships with its neighbours, namely Algeria, Chad, Egypt, Niger, Sudan and Tunisia. The report also looks at the incentives for neighbouring countries to maintain or develop regional relationships or cross border mechanisms with Libya and the main challenges in …

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Libya: National Security Council Looks At Situation in the Country and Latest Developments in Libya

Carthage — The national Security Council met on Thursday evening in Carthage palace, under the chairmanship of the president, the prime minister and the National Constituent Assembly (NCA) speaker to look at the situation in the country and the latest development in Libya, a presidency statement released on Wednesday reads.

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