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Libyan FM: We don’t want military intervention

During an interview with An-Nahar, Libyan Foreign Minister Mohammed al-Dairi denied that his government, headed by Abdullah al-Thani, had asked for foreign military intervention in Libya during the Security Council session. He also stressed the need for the international community to provide support to the Libyan National Army in order …

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Egypt acts as middleman for Russia-Libya arms deal

CAIRO — The Libya dossier has now risen to the top of the priority list of the administration of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, following an increase in the number of kidnappings and the killing of Egyptians at the hands of armed militias affiliated with the Islamic State (IS) in Libya. The latest such incident …

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The Lebanonization of Libya: Is partition next?

The state of chaos in Libya cracking the country between East and West and inviting the specter of both ISIS and al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, puts the country at a very critical juncture, threatening its unity and reigniting the debate on the value of the 2011 NATO military intervention …

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Islamist government calls on UNSC to end Egyptian army attacks in Libya

A minister in Libya’s Tripoli-based Islamist government called on the UN Security Council to hold an emergency meeting to put an end to the Egyptian army’s “criminal operations” in Libya stressing that his government condemns terrorism and stands against it. During a press conference in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, Foreign …

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Algeria refrains from open criticism of Egypt's Libya airstrikes

Algeria has been cautious about condemning the recent Egyptian intervention in Libya even though it has taken a principled position against international intervention in the ongoing conflict there. Algeria is, however, likely to be disappointed Egypt has breached existing understandings with Algeria to pursue a political solution to the crisis …

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