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Can Palermo conference bring peace to Libya?

As world leaders prepare to gather in Palermo for the Libya conference on 12 and 13 November, Libyans are wondering what this much-anticipated event will achieve. 

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Libya’s key political players meet global leaders in Italy

Libya’s key political players meet with global leaders in Palermo on Monday in the latest bid by major powers to kickstart a long-stalled political process and trigger elections.

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LNA Commander to Skip Italy’s Conference on Libyan Settlement – Source

The commander of the Libyan National Army (LNA), Khalifa Haftar, will not take part in a conference on the Libyan settlement to be held in the Italian city of Palermo November 12-13, a source in the LNA told Sputnik.

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Salame slams HoR and HSC as sterile and time-wasting

In his latest brief on Libya to the UN Security Council yesterday, SRSG and UNSMIL head, Ghassan Salame, officially abandoned any attempt to hold Libyan elections in December this year. This was the target set in last May’s Paris conference on Libya. Salame now predicted Libyan elections will be held …

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UN Envoy: Libya should start process for elections in spring

Libya should start the process to hold an election in spring 2019 only after a national conference to discuss its ongoing conflict, the UN Libya envoy said on Thursday, officially burying the unlikely idea of a vote next month, Reuters reports.

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The promise of Palermo: Uniting the strands of Europe’s Libya policy

Europe’s short-term strategy for Libya should be to identify where to deploy its technical expertise. This will help address the structural issues that drive the conflict and that make new elections so risky. Europe should also develop its coercive arm to combat Libyan spoilers. Such a cohesive approach would generate …

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