Sunday , 4 December 2022
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Egypt-Libyan border threatened with closure over Tobruk port shutdown

The municipality and elders of Musaid town on the border with Egypt threatened to shut the border crossing in solidarity with the employees and workers of the Tobruk port, which was shut by the eastern government at the orders of the military strongman Khalifa Haftar.

Qatrun Tebu brigade clamps down on southern border smuggling

The Sukour Al-Sahra (“Desert Eagles”) Brigade captured a convoy of some 60 vehicles carrying Libyan goods along with their drivers, their Thuraya satellite phones and caches of arms this morning at the Kouri Bougoudi gold mine straddling the Libyan-Chadian border. Another 12 vehicles carrying Libyan-subsidized goods destined for Chad were stopped yesterday.

Sudan closes its borders with Libya ‘to prevent arms trafficking’

Sudan today announced that it closed its land borders with Libya, Chad and South Sudan to prevent arms smuggling. Vice President Hassabu Mohamed Abdalrahman said: “We have closed our land borders with Libya, Chad and South Sudan to prevent smuggling arms and four-wheel drive vehicles.” He gave no further details …

Bodies of 16 migrants found in Libya’s desert near Egyptian border

Libyan security forces said on Tuesday that the bodies of 16 migrants had been found in the desert near the country’s border with Egypt. The bodies were found about 310km southwest of the coastal city of Tobruk, said Ahmed al-Mismari, spokesman for the eastern-based Libyan National Army.