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Why does Libya’s incoming government have only two female ministers?

On 1 March, Libya’s Tobruk-based Parliament voted in a new cabinet led by former Interior Minister, Fathi Bashaga, and its 29 ministers, six State Ministers and three Deputy Prime Ministers have all taken their constitutional oath. However it is unclear if, and when, the new government will take office in …

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Protesters press High Judicial Council to intervene in MoU signed with UN women department

Protesters gathered in front of the High Judicial Council in Tripoli Monday to press their demands for withdrawing from the MoU that the Minister of State for Women Affairs, Houria Tarmal, inked with the UN.

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Women face obstacles in bid for Libyan presidency

Libyans are going to the polls to elect their president for the first time. By Nov. 22, the deadline for submitting candidacy papers, the total number of people running for the country’s top position reached 98 individuals — in a country of 6.5 million people and less than 3 million …

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A new era for gender-based violence response in Libya

To strengthen the capacity of the local governance structures in addressing gender-based violence (GBV) issues in Libya, UNFPA and UN Women, along with local partners, have scaled up activities to build the capacity of municipalities and enhance the resilience of local communities by providing services to GBV survivors and those …

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