Saturday , 26 November 2022
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Red Crescent refutes claims of finding 116 Egyptian bodies buried in Libya

The Libyan Red Crescent refuted claims say that it had found 116 Egyptian bodies buried in a desert area, east Libya. Several News outlets mistakenly reported that the bodies are of illegal immigrants, adding that they found their IDs and other personal belongings also buried with them.

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Libya: Battle for City Endangers Civilians

Forces under Gen. Khalifa Hiftar have started a land and air operation to wrest the eastern city of Derna from an alliance of militant armed groups, Human Rights Watch said today. All parties to the conflict are obligated to respect the laws of war and spare civilians and civilian infrastructure.

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MSF calls for release of illegal immigrants from detention centers

Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) has expressed concern over the fate of nearly 800 migrants who have been held for more than five months in a crowded center in Zuwara without sufficient food to meet their subsistence needs.

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