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Bathily: Haftar supports my political efforts

UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative to Libya (SRSG), Abdoulaye Bathily, said on Monday that Khalifa Haftar has expressed support for his efforts to facilitate the political process, as well as the Joint Military Commission’s important work in establishing a secure environment that is conducive to human rights.

A clear roadmap for Libyan elections can be established by mid-June: UNSMIL head Bathily

Speaking at a Tripoli press conference today on his recent creation, the High-Level Panel for Elections, SRSG and UNSMIL head Abdoulaye Bathily said Libya’s post-2011 interim arrangements are a source of instability which puts the future of this country at risk.

Libya’s Fragile Deadlock

Haftar refuses to share his strategic territories with Libyan rivals. In doing so, he enjoys the support of not only Russia but also U.S. partners Egypt and Saudi Arabia, not to mention France and Greece. Meanwhile, in the country’s northwest, Turkey uses its military presence to keep incumbent Prime Minister …