Saturday , 4 December 2021
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Migrants in distress returned to Libya – on Malta’s request

Some 90 migrants on a boat in distress were reportedly intercepted and returned to Libya over the weekend. The NGO Sea-Watch said Maltese authorities shared the boat’s location with the Libyan coast guard to prevent it from reaching Maltese waters.

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Libya does not yet fully use internationally accepted accounting principles and Audit Bureau is not independent according to international standards: U.S. State Department report

The section in the U.S. State Department ‘‘2021 Fiscal Transparency Report’’ on Libya says internal political and civil conflict has prevented the Libyan government from fully implementing its budget processes, which has adversely affected fiscal transparency and the country’s operations.

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America’s Window in Libya: Summary: Recent diplomatic progress offers Libya an uncertain but real chance at better days ahead. Modest U.S. support could improve the chances that this opening succeeds

After years of fighting and upheaval, Libya may again finally have a tenuous opening to a more stable future. The Second Berlin Conference on Libya, held on June 23, 2021, is an important milestone on Libya’s path out of years of civil war and political gridlock.

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US hopeful but ‘realistic’ on departure of foreign forces from Libya

After a conference on Libya’s political future ended without a concrete plan for the withdrawal of foreign forces, a top US diplomat expressed optimism but said Washington is “realistic” about what can be achieved ahead of elections later this year.

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