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Kobler to continue efforts to bring opponents onboard Skhirat agreement; pursues security as the top issue

Despite the setback on Friday when the General National Congress president Nuri Abu Sahmain and his allies rejected an appeal by UN Special Envoy Martin Kobler to back the Libyan Political Agreement (LPA) and the national unity government, Kobler says he will continue trying to convince them and others opposed …

UN envoy expresses support for German military training deployment in Libya

The UN’s Libya envoy, Martin Kobler, has spoken in support of German troops training Libyan soldiers. Of his working style, Kobler said he needed to strike a balance between risk-aversion and being like “Rambo.”

Tripoli Parliament asks for ‘substantial amendments’ to UN-backed agreement

After a meeting between the UN envoy to Libya  Martin Kobler and Tripoli Parliament members in Tripoli, Abd Al-Sadeq said that ‘’substantial amendments’’ needed to be implemented before the General National Congress could reach a decision on the Agreement.

Thini government sacks UN ambassador Dabbashi

The Beida-based government of Abdullah Thinni has dismissed the Libyan ambassador to the United Nations, Ibrhaim Dabbashi. Its spokesman, Hatim Al-Araibi, is quoted by the Beida offices of Libyan news agency LANA saying that the sacking followed a compliant from Naji Al-Maghrebi, the head of the parallel National Oil Corporation …

Conditional support for Unity Government in eastern Libya

Agila Saleh Gweider, president of Libya’s internationally-recognized parliament, has expressed his conditional support for the Libyan Political Agreement signed by rival parliamentarians ten days ago in Morocco. Saleh had rejected the agreement, instead leading a parallel negotiation process together with Nuri Abusahmain, the head of the rival legislature in Tripoli.

Libya rival governments sign disputed unity deal

Rival Libyan politicians signed Thursday a deal on a unity government despite opposition on both sides, in what the United Nations described as a “first step” towards ending the crisis.