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Malta-made ‘Rethink Libya’ plan

For an average Tripolitanian, Malta (just 350 kilometres away) has always been associated with the common narratives by generations over a history of joy and pain throughout colonial times, waves of independence and nationalism. Nowadays, Libyan families consider Malta as a safe and welcoming place to live, work and study, …

Libya : Lawless, Alarming, Unpredictable, Dangerous

The situation in Libya is continuing to develop alarmingly. The current situation in the country is characterised by a complete lack of any signs of a state system. Libya is being devoured by civil war, disintegration, and the seizure of its territory by a huge variety of forces, most notably …

Remarks by SRSG Bernardino Leon to the media in Morocco, after the start of the round of dialogue

“We have just started this meeting, which the Libyans first of all and everybody in the region are expecting, really us, what we expect to be the last round, the final round of talks. We are getting closer to a solution. Obviously, the fact that all the participants in the …

Libya Tripoli govt. delegation in Morocco for peace talks: UN

A delegation representing one of the Libyan rival factions has arrived in Morocco to hold a fresh round of peace talks brokered by the United Nations in a bid to resolve the ongoing conflict in the North African state, a UN official says.

Abushamain slams Leon for Misrata military meeting

Nouri Abu Sahmain, the head of the revived General National Congress, has protested to the UN that UNSMIL boss Bernardino Leon should not have met military leaders in Misrata last night because the general staff in Tripoli had not approved the encounter.

UN Libya envoy meets with armed groups in support of political agreement

As part of an overall United nations-supported effort on the security track of Libya’s national dialogue, the United Nations envoy for country has met in Misrata with representatives of armed groups, stressing the importance of local ceasefires and reconciliation agreements are welcome developments.