Wednesday , 4 August 2021
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ICC working on new Libya arrest warrants over suspected Haftar war crimes

The International Criminal Court’s (ICC) prosecutor said on Tuesday her office is working on new arrest warrants in Libya, pointing out that military commanders may be held responsible for crimes committed by their forces, namely the targeting of civilians with air strikes and artillery fire.

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US ambassador Norland supports HoR head Saleh’s democratic process

US Ambassador ,Richard Norland, and Libya’s House of Representatives (HoR) head, Ageela Saleh, spoke last Thursday (1 May) and agreed on the ‘‘importance of respect for democratic processes and the need to avoid individual attempts to unilaterally dictate Libya’s political future using armed force’’, the US Embassy Tripoli reported.

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Can the UAE’s coup attempts in Libya and Yemen succeed?

In less than 48 hours, Yemen’s separatist Southern Transitional Council (STC) and Libya’s renegade warlord Khalifa Haftar rebelled against their respective governments, in defiance of previous peace initiatives. These moves could not have occurred were it not for the UAE’s hidden hand, as Abu Dhabi has empowered both factions in …

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