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Sabha municipality threatens to shut key oilfield and water source over bad living conditions

Sabha municipality has threatened in a statement to close Sharara and Al-Feel oilfields as well as the water system known as Man-Made River if fuel did not arrive in the southern region in 72 hours.

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Militia group halts oil production at Sharara oil field

Crude production at Sharara oil field, southwestern Libya, was halted on Sunday after a tribal militia from the mountain town of Zintan closed Al-Rayana pipeline connecting the country’s largest oilfield with Zawiya oil terminal a day before.

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How to Save Libya From Itself? Protect Its Oil From Its Politics

I am the N.O.C.’s chairman, and these allegations are false. But they shine a bright light on Libya’s current tragedy. Since the revolution of 2011, the country’s oil and gas resources have been held hostage to both its fractious politics and power struggles in the Middle East.

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UN report cites numerous sources of illegal funding for Libyan militias

A UN report has concluded that ‘‘a variety of sources of funding are available to (Libyan) armed groups’’, assessing that there are ‘‘four important sources of funding: fuel smuggling, trafficking in persons, interference with institutions and the local arms trade. Previous findings on income from other criminal activities and State …

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Bleeding Fuel

“This will be a hot pursuit tonight,” the coast guard captain tells me. It is dusk over Tripoli’s harbor and we are standing in the control room of the Kifah, an aging, German-made patrol boat. I had joined its crew of eighteen one evening last month expecting to be searching …

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Sanalla warns Thinni, commends LNA’s “wise” opposition to export blockades

National Oil Corporation (NOC) chairman Mustafa Sanalla has told the Thinni government in Beida it should share the Libyan National Army’s (LNA)  “wise view ” that oil export terminals should not be blockaded.

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