Tuesday , 19 January 2021
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Al-Serraj offers Haftar the chance to name a new Prime Minister

According to the Italian newspaper la Repubblica, the Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, in his most recent visit to Benghazi extended an offer from the head of presidential council Fayez Alserraj to field marshal Khalifa Haftar to nominate a new prime minister for the government as a apart of a …

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Lobbying NGOs call on HoR to respect Transitional Constitutional Declaration as sole source of Libyan legitimacy

A group of seven Libyan NGOs and 60 individuals have called on the House of Representatives (HoR) to respect the 2011 Transitional Constitutional Declaration (TCD) as the sole source of Libyan legitimacy during the ongoing UNSMIL-brokered Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF).

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As Libyan oil flows resume, so does a feud over revenues

In Libya, the struggle for control over power and wealth continues in a country where wealth is derived almost exclusively from oil revenues. Controlling this vast natural resource is a prime driver of conflict among Libyan groups, with many competing to secure a share of the benefits.

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