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Sayala: Egypt is working against its interests in Libya

The Foreign Minister-designate of the UN-proposed government, Mohammed Sayala, disclosed that an argument took place between Libya’s Presidential Council delegation and Egypt’s delegation regarding phrasing the Arab ministerial statement about Libyan National Oil Corporation (NOC).

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Upheaval in Tripoli and Misrata rocks Libya’s ‘unity government’

Libya‘s complex civil war is boiling to the surface in the capital. Following violent militia clashes, citizens have taken their frustrations to the streets. Friday March 17 began with protesters in central Tripoli calling for the deployment of the army and police. Gradually the crowd grew and marched on to Martyrs’ …

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Gunono: IS militants have secret movement in southern Sirte

The spokesman of the air emergency operations room, Mohammed Gunono, said the statement of the US Africa Command commander Gen. Thomas Waldhauser, who stated that IS terrorists are trying to regroup its forces in southern Sirte and that they are not fully eradicated, are relatively true as the air emergency …

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121 people aging between 12 and 80 abducted at oil crescent region

Several legal organizations have criticized the crackdown practiced by Dignity Operation militias that is manifested in abductions based on IDs for people they accuse of having sympathy for the Benghazi Defense Brigades at the oil crescent region since they have controlled the area.

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