Monday , 29 May 2023
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Seeking Justice for the Forcibly Displaced in Libya

The relationship between the security and justice sectors in Libya and internally displaced persons (IDPs) is existential. The existence of IDP communities is the direct outcome of the failure of these sectors to effectively perform their core mandates since the beginning of the civil war. Despite the repeated promises of …

Italian Foreign Minister says it’s right to discuss illegal immigration with Haftar

The Italian Foreign Minister, Antonio Tajani, said Khalifa Haftar is the strongest figure in Cyrenaica region (eastern Libya), explaining that it was right to talk to him about illegal immigration, and stressing that their meeting with Haftar in Italy was not against or in favor of France.

Anti Illegal Immigration Apparatus warns of influx of Sudanese displacement into Libya

The Anti-Illegal Immigration Apparatus in the eastern region warned of an influx of displaced people from Sudan toward the Libyan border, as the battles between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) entered the third week, despite the declared truce and international efforts to stop the fighting.