Saturday , 31 July 2021

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Inter-Libyan dialogue: Algeria seeks to bridge views between Libyan parties

Algeria is making efforts to bridge views between the Libyan parties and prepare the necessary conditions for an inclusive dialogue to reach a consensual political solution to the crisis that is shaking Libya, said Sunday in Algiers Minister for Maghreb and African Affairs Abdelkader Messahel. 

Libyan peace talks to resume

Libya’s warring factions are to resume the UN-brokered talks on Tuesday inside Libya, according to Libyan officials. Different parties are now arguing over where the meeting should take place, though only three cities are nominated, a member of the self-appointed parliament, the General National Congress (GNC), told Xinhua.

Libya Reverses a Purge

Earlier this week, Libya’s internationally recognized parliament votedto abolish the controversial Political Isolation Law passed two years ago by the previous legislature. A classic example of lustration, the law disbarred any officials with links to the Qaddafi regime from holding public office. On the face of it, such a move …