Wednesday , 22 September 2021

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As Peace Talks Resume in Libya, Is the UN’s “Light Footprint” Up to the Task?

Today, Libya is arguably more divided than at any point since the fall of Muammar Qaddafi in 2011. Observers are hoping for a positive outcome from renewed peace talks between the two rival Libyan governments this week, after earlier discussions held in Geneva in January, but attempts to put the …

Government of National Unity must be decided very soon: HoR deputy President Shouaib

The planned government of national unity – one of the major objectives of the current UN-brokered dialogue – must consist of moderates, according to Imhamed Shouaib who leads the House of Representatives’ delegation to talks – and it has to agreed very soon. 

Gender and State Building in Libya: Towards a Politics of Inclusion

The Libyan Revolution marks a watershed moment in Libyan history and more specifically in the history of women’s participation in the public space. Women were at the forefront of the demonstrations as protestors, medical workers, and aid providers, as well as organizing behind-the-scenes and in the diaspora calling for political …

The Amesys Case: the victims anxious to see tangible progress

FIDH and LDH publish a report today on the major developments in the Amesys case. More than three years after filing a complaint against the French company, our organisations urge the courts to speed up their judicial investigations and take concrete steps to meet the Libyan victims’s need for justice. …