Monday , 15 August 2022

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HoR and GNC teams agree unity government – but not the UN-brokered one

In a surprise development this evening, two teams of from the House of Representatives (HoR) and the General National Congress (GNC) agreed to jointly appoint a national unity government for the country. But it will not be the one proposed by the UN-brokered Libya Dialogue process. Instead, the two teams …

In depth: Europe fears Islamic State expansion in Sirte

France warned of the increasing risk of Libya becoming a haven for Islamic State combatants on Saturday, after French military aircraft flew reconnaissance missions over Sirte where IS fighters are moving east on the oil crescent.

Ghwell deputy ministers refuse to go: report

The new slimmed-down “National Salvation Government” of Tripoli prime minister Khalifa Ghwell faces a revolt from a number of deputy ministers in his earlier administration. According to a leading official in Tripoli who asked to remain anonymous, the deputies are refusing to go.

The Prize: Fighting for Libya’s Energy Wealth

Libya’s economic conditions could turn sharply for the worse, as rival authorities vie to control rapidly shrinking national wealth. The struggle affects oil fields, pipelines and export terminals, as well as the boardrooms of national financial institutions. Combined with runaway spending due to corruption and dwindling revenue because of falling …

Lawmakers explore alternative dialogue amid attempts to reinvigorate UN-led peace talks

Libyan lawmakers gathered last week in Tunis to launch an alternative dialogue process as the international community renewed calls on Libyan negotiators to sign a proposed agreement and the new UN envoy tries to breathe new life into stalled UN-led talks.