Friday , 18 June 2021
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Peace “breaking out” in western Libya

In the latest in a series of local peace deals in the west of the country, Zintan and Zawia have signed a reconciliation pact and a truce has been agreed between Zuwara on the one side and the nearby towns of Al-Jmail, Rigdalin and Zultan on the other. The Libyan National …

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With time running out, UN sets Ramadan deadline for proposed Libya Govt

Following G7 meeting, leaders of Libya’s rival governments congregate in Germany for first direct talks with hopes of reaching an agreement by Ramadan.

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Libya’s Tobruk parliament agrees to join unity government, rejects power-sharing

Libya’s internationally recognised parliament, based in the port city of Tobruk, has agreed to join a national unity government, but rejected a proposed power-sharing scheme with a rival government which controls the country’s capital, Tripoli.

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