Friday , 28 January 2022
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Algerian government in talks with Libyan political factions for peace summit

Tobruk, Tunis and Algiers, Asharq Al-Awsat—Algerian officials are continuing to meet with different political factions in Libya in preparation for a “comprehensive reconciliation dialogue” expected to be hosted later this month in the Algerian capital in order to solve the crisis that is currently tearing the North African country apart.

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Four-Day, UN-Organized Workshop “Libyan Women’s Demands for Constitution” in Cairo

A workshop under the theme “Libyan Women’s Demands for Constitution” opened in Cairo on the weekend. Women members of the Libyan Parliament and the Constitution Drafting-Assembly, as well as other women activists from Libya took part in the four-day event, organized by the Women’s Empowerment Section of the United Nations …

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Hassi “government” accuses Leon of not wanting dialogue and of “disrespecting” Libyan laws; threatens potential court action

The Foreign Media Department belonging to the Hassi administration has condemned UN Special Envoy to Libya Bernadino Leon, claiming he “disrespected” the country’s laws and did not wanting dialogue with the current power in Tripoli: Libya Dawn. It has also said that if he continued to the policy, he would not …

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