Tuesday , 31 March 2020
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Another night of intensive bombing of Tripoli in total disregard for agreed ‘‘humanitarian pause’’ and anti Covid19 efforts; UNSMIL strongly condemns violations

Tripoli experienced another night of intense bombing last night of its civilian areas. Residents reported they were unable to sleep all last night through to this morning. Several neighbourhoods were hit causing much damage to property and vehicles. Several fires broke out.

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Tripoli fighting continues in total disregard for agreed ‘‘humanitarian pause’’ to fight Covid19: UNSMIL strongly condemns violations

Fighting around Tripoli has continued over the last few days in total disregard for the ‘‘humanitarian pause’’ agreed by both combatants as UNSMIL today strongly condemns the violations.

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Humanity and responsibility are needed in the fight for Tripoli

The Libyan capital Tripoli has been subjected to intense and random bombing for weeks and the victims are mainly civilians. The latest of these tragedies was the loss of the girls of the Raqi’i family in a Haftar militia attack on the capital’s Ain Zara neighbourhood. Furthermore, there are ongoing …

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