Friday , 13 December 2019
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Foreign Minister warns certain countries of encroachment on Libya’s sovereignty

Libyan Foreign Minister Mohammed Sayala made phone calls with Tunisian acting Foreign Minister and Algeria as well as Morocco’s Foreign Ministers to inform them about the latest developments and the reactions to his government’s recent MoUs with Turkey.

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New association formed by Haftar to take over public and private properties

The Head of General Mobilization Authority in eastern Libya, Oun Al-Furjani, said the General Command of Dignity Operation of Khalifa Haftar had established this authority to have factories under its own supervision and management.

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Libya: GNA calls on UN Security Council to hold supporters of Haftar to account

The Libyan Ministry of Foreign Affairs has lodged a formal protest with the UN Security Council over the Haftar forces’ shelling of Mitiga and Misrata airports. It calls on the Council to assume its responsibilities and hold Haftar’s supporters accountable for the aggression launched against Tripoli.

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Libya’s HCS urges Al-Sarraj to take measures against countries backing Haftar

The Libyan High Council of State (HCS) has called on the Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sarraj to take a deterrent stance against the blatant intervention of the countries backing up the coup against legitimacy led by Khalifa Haftar.

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Upon protest by Libya’s Foreign Ministry, Italy scraps fishing agreement with Haftar’s Military Investment Authority

Union of Italian Fishing has suspended the agreement it signed with Military Investment Authority of #Haftar’s forces in eastern Libya after the Libyan Foreign Ministry has asked Italy to halt such an illegitimate action.

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Libya’s foreign minister calls on the Arab League to take robust stances towards aggression on Tripoli

Libya’s Foreign Minister, Mohamed Sayala has called on the Arab League to break its silence towards the Libyan crisis and take a clear position to stop the military support for the aggressor forces on Tripoli.

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