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Grand Mufti demands agenda of UN-backed National Conference be made public

Libya’s top religious cleric Shaikh Sadiq Al-Gharyan said on Wednesday that Libyans should not take part in the UN-backed National Conference until they know the agenda and names of the attendees.

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Libya among four largest arms importers in Africa

Libya is among the four largest importers of arms in the African continent, along with Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia, which represent together 75% of the continent’s arms imports, according to the think tank Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) annual report released Monday.

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Migration through the Mediterranean: mapping the EU response

Since 2014, European citizens have been engaged in an intensifying discussion about migration. This is the result of an unprecedented increase in the number of refugees and other migrants entering Europe, many of them fleeing protracted conflicts in Africa and the Middle East, particularly the war in Syria. The phenomenon …

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Libya’s Human Rights Solidarity urges Saudi Arabia to stop Rabee Al-Madkhali’s hate speech

Libya’s Human Rights Solidarity (HRS) has called on Saudi Arabia to put an end to the human rights violations it is doing in and out of the country, urging it to end hate speech, violence and killing incitement that is being directed by Saudi citizen Rabee Al-Madkhali.

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Digging up Al-Senussi shrine in Libya’s Al-Kufra condemned, Fatwa House says Saudi Arabia behind it

The Presidential Council of the Government of National Accord has issued a statement on Tuesday denouncing the exhumation of the shrine of the father of Libya’s monarch Idris Al-Senussi: Mohammed Al-Mahdi Al-Senussi in Al-Kufra last Friday.

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