Monday , 6 April 2020
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Libyan Cities and Tribes Conference rejects military rule

The Libyan Cities and Tribes Conference has called for rejecting the militarization of the state and the tribe or one-man rule, stressing the need for building state institutions and ending conflicts.

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Libyan Consulate in Milan issues a warning to citizens on coronavirus

The Libyan Consulate in Milan, has called upon all Libyan citizens residing in Northern Italy to be vigilant, and to take precautions in light of the current spread of the coronavirus in that area, the numbers of which are increasing and have reached 152 infected with 3 deaths confirmed to …

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Greater Tripoli welcomes decision by major cities to declare full mobilization

Municipalities of Greater Tripoli, members of the House of Representatives and the High Council of State, and elders and dignitaries of the capital have welcomed the state of full mobilization declared by most cities in western Libya to end Haftar’s aggression.

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Can Libya’s tribes help solve crisis?

In September, Libya’s capital Tripoli was the scene of violent clashes between rival militias that killed 96 people and injured 306 others. The clashes pitted forces from the 7th Brigade against a coalition of armed brigades in Tripoli, which include the Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade and the Deterrent and Intervention Joint Force of …

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